July 16th race cancelled

Due to sponsorship and scheduling problems, the July 16th race has been cancelled.  The next race will be July 23rd.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


With 6 different classes  and over 70 cars so far this year, there will be something that catches your interest.  We provide a family friendly atmosphere with fast paced racing action.  It's always a fun filled event for children of all ages (2-92)!  In the past we've had Bouncy Castles (provided by New Heights Church), kids bicycle races, free merchandise handed out by sponsors, and more!  You really never know what you're gonna see next at Ona Speedway!


Picture this with me for a minute......You're all dressed up and you even shaved and combed your hair.  You're sitting in a crowded restaurant with young couples all around you.  They're laughing and smiling at each others jokes.  You look across the table at your beautiful wife and you realize she's heard all your jokes and stories.  You search for something to talk about, but before you find the words, your 4 year old has dumped sweet tea in your lap.  You long for the days when you could take your woman out (alone) and impress her.  NOW PICTURE THIS!!!!  IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT AND YOU SAY, "WOMAN WE'RE GOIN TO ONA SPEEDWAY GET THE KIDS READY!"  AFTER SHE SETS YOU STRAIGHT, YOU END UP GETTING THE KIDS DRESSED.  YOU SHOW UP AT THE TRACK AND THERES RACE CARS EVERYWHERE!  THE SMELL OF RACE FUEL AND TIRES FILL THE AIR! YOU WISH YOUR WIFE WAS MORE INTO RACING SO YOU COULD DO THIS EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!  BUT WAIT, YOU TURN AROUND AND SHE IS GETTING HER PICTURE TAKEN, SITTING IN THE #35 BARBIE RACE CAR!  WHERE DID THE 4 YEAR OLD GO?  OH, HE'S OVER THERE ON THE BOUNCY CASTLE AND HE'S MADE A NEW FRIEND.  Look man, I don't want to tell you what to do.  I know the kid is having fun bouncing around and all.  But that guy wearing fire proof pants over there, he's one of the drivers.  If you ask him, he'll give your kid an autograph and probably let him sit in his car.  You're kid is 4 for crying out loud, he doesn't know the difference between this guy and Dale Earnhardt.  He'll always remember this.  OK, IT'S TIME TO FIND A SEAT, THE RACING IS ABOUT TO START!  THERE'S TIRES SQUEALING, METAL GRINDING TOGETHER, HEARTSTOPPING WRECKS AND BREATHTAKING FINISHES.  A FEW HOURS LATER, YOU'RE WALKING TO THE PARKING LOT HOLDING THE HAND OF THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.  LITTLE MAN HAS HIS HEAD RESTING ON YOUR OTHER SHOULDER.  AS YOU LAY YOUR LITTLE ONE IN BED THAT NIGHT, YOU FEEL A SENSE OF PRIDE THAT COMES WITH BEING A GOOD FA...........HOLD ON A MINUTE!  YOUR KIDS ASLEEP AND YOUR WIFE IS STILL AWAKE!  WELL DONE SIR!  WELL DONE INDEED!


The great thing about the scenario above is that guy only spent $20.  General Admission is just $10 for adults and kids 10 and under are FREE!  For more information about pricing click here http://www.scottpiersonracing.com/admission-prices